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Molecules for Health, Inc., is a small biopharmaceutical company established to develop, manufacture and market a series of new anticancer drugs based on patented compounds invented by the company. The lead compound, Didox, has entered clinical trials having demonstrated excellent antitumor activity in animal tumor models when used either alone or in combination with any of the three most highly used anticancer drugs.


Compounds developed by Molecules for Health have demonstrated potent antiretrovirus (AIDS) activity in several animal models including the severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a mouse model which utilizes HIV-infected human cells. This finding indicates that these newly developed compounds may have potential as part of combination chemotherapy protocols for HIV treatment. Since these compounds inhibit a cellular function, they are less likely to develop viral resistance. Furthermore, based on the excellent free radical scavenging capacity of these drugs, investigations are being extended to other diseases in which free radicals contribute to the diseased state. Ischemia reperfusion injury and brain injury and degeneration are the first of those medical conditions being explored. In addition, one of the company’s drugs has shown efficacy for sickle cell anemia treatment in a baboon model.

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